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Private Investments And The End Of The World

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Your email pings: it’s time for your monthly investment check-in. Your advisors have sent you a statement and several prospectuses to look over. No executive summary, no context, only public market trades, nothing tailored to your net worth or the size of your portfolio. The world could be ending, and you’d get a form email and a spreadsheet.

You are a smart person, heck you’ve amassed significant personal wealth through hard work and astute business decisions. You’re worried about the percentage of funds you’ve got riding on the stock market when the correction the talking heads have been shouting about for six months finally happens. But the same people said the market would never go above 35K. Does your wealth manager ever just call to discuss these developments, to inquire about your ideas, to protect the retirement you’ve worked so hard all your life to safeguard for your “golden years”?

Get some new insights, from high-net-worth experts

Maybe you’re right to be nervous. Maybe you’re not. But isn’t it worth looking into a new way of managing your wealth, one that leverages investments that only people like you can access? And from a firm that has the certifications and expertise only 5% of Canadian wealth managers possess?

Here’s some straight talk to get you ready for a change:

  • Your current investment strategy may not be commensurate with your net worth.

  • You probably have a portfolio dangerously dependent on public markets.

  • What you don’t know about diversification CAN hurt you (and your retirement).

  • You might be missing the boat on private investments. Especially if you’re one of the biggest clients at your wealth management company.

  • There are alternate paths for your portfolio that better protect your money from sharp drops in the market.

  • Many investment companies have fee structures that penalize their highest value investors. The portfolios with the most to lose (or, conversely, more money to “play” within the minds of non-strategic managers) get the most attention and, as you may have noticed, more attention (changes) mean fees can rack up quickly.

I’m in the business of ensuring that high-value investors get the attention they deserve, not for the sake of seeming smarter than the next guy or to manufacture fees but so that we can have a great relationship that’s completely transparent. In other words, I win when my high-value investors trust me completely because they’re crystal clear about our strategy. They tend to tell their friends and their friends want in on the kind of strategies we deliver.

Schedule a one-on-one strategy call now to find out how I do this for high-net-worth investors just like you.

Are you many years out from retirement?

In my opinion, alternate investments are the way to go for clients only a few years out from retirement. Why? Because private investments give investors the opportunity to protect their nest eggs with access to the investments that yield the best outcomes.

In the immortal words of Robert Frost, even if you’re years out from retiring and have “miles to go before you sleep” I can show you how to take the road less traveled to an enhanced, peace-of-mind portfolio. We’re aware your plans for retirement require much more than time to rest—you’re more active and engaged in life than any cohort that’s come before. You might want to make a difference in your community through philanthropy. Take up a cool hobby or help your kids or grandkids get set up in life. Whatever your goals are for retirement, private investments in areas like apartment or storage real estate are consistently strong. Download The Case for Private Investments now to find out why or Schedule a free one-on-one strategy call now.

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